What is Templatecapstatements.com?

Templatecapstatements.com is a collection of free, and for purchase Capability statement websites created for small businesses, non-profit organizations supporting small businesses, women, veteran and other firms working in the federal marketplace.

What is a Capability Statement Template?

A starting point for doing business with the federal agencies.Normally job applications submit resumes to highlight their skill sets and abilities for a future employer. In this case small businesses will submit your capability statement outlining your companies experience and expertise in your field of service.

What is a Premium Template?

Most templates are single page front only format. A premium template consists of a front and back page. These are for customers who need more space than a single page format.

How am I allowed to use them?

Capability statements are used when meeting with government officials or when sending emails of introduction to an official. Basically anytime your company plans to have an interaction with a federal agency, or employee of a prospective federal agency you should have your capability statement with you.

What's a goodsoftware to work with these?

Almost any photo editor (eg. Preview) will do the job, but a dedicated photo editor like Adobe Photoshop or Pic Monkey offer a much richer experience and a ton of useful coding features. All documents in Word format and can be edited using Google Docs or MS Word.

My MS Word skills are (a bit rusty/practically nonexistent). Any tips?

We have a dedicated team of professionals that can update your site information for you at a nominal cost. Please see our bundled package and copyright service for more information.

Why are you doing this?

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. We want to help grow them in any way shape possible. Therefore we thought it would be helpful to create services that bring down the cost and provide tremendous value to small business owners across the Globe.

Is my capability statement unique to me?

Yes, because the pictures and content will be uniquely yours. However the design will be available for sell to others who are interested in the style.

How do I obtain a unique capability statement?

You always have the option to buy the template outright from us so that it is no longer available for sale to the general public. There is an additional fee for that service, but it is possible. 

Hmm yeah... I still have a question. What can I do?

No sweat – get in touch by email or fill out the contact us form.